Sleeping Bags / Insulation Sheets


 These insulated sheets made from newspaper lined plastic bags have many purposes.

The Sleepping Bags are used as beds fro many of the homeless. You can wrap a blanket around you before getting into the bag.

Sheets can be used as mats or wall insulatin in shacks.

To make the Sleeping Bags: 

Green garden bags, newspapers, wide parcel tape – clear or brown.

 Use green garden bags (black often too flimsy)

*Tape together two openings.

*Cut off a small section of the end of the bag to make the opening. You now have one long bag opened at one end.

Make 2 of these.

*Lay sheets of newspaper, about 10 layers thick, carefully on the one side, allowing about 2cms exposed all around the bag, taping down to hold it all together. You will eventually become proficient at working the best way to cover the bag without using too much tape.

*Turn the bag over and do the same.

*Then you tape around the whole edge of the bags, folding in the exposed bag edge and taping it down. This allows the second bag to slip easily over the first.

*Then turn over the open edge of the bag and tape down – sort of like a pillow slip.

Now you have one finished bag.


You can make smaller bags for children – roll the top down and tape to fix.


Another idea is that you can make a blanket for a bed, floor mats and wall insulation in shacks.

In this case, you still tape the two bags together then cut down one side to make a flat surface. Same procedure but only layer the newspaper on one side. You then place another bag over the newspaper taping all around the edge.

Making Sleeping Bags

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